Classy K9 Pet salon

Here at Classy K-9 Pet Salon, we know your pet  is part of your family and strive to make the grooming process fun, relaxing and stress free.
We use gentle care with personal attention patiently provided.

Your pet will be in a clean secure environment as they enjoy a massaging bath featuring the Hydrosurge Bath Pro
It provides a soothing massage that exfoliates and cleanses your dog while removing loose hair.

The Hydrosurge shampoos and conditioners are optimized for the Hydrosurge Bath Pro Bathing System

Made from only the finest, naturally derived ingredients, Hydrosurge shampoo products offer a wide range of scents each one formulated for specific skin types and coat conditions.

We accept the following methods of payment:

and of course CASH!

Remember , regular grooming not only keeps your pet  looking and feeling good,
it keeps them healthier as well!